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Chichakli's Files

Chichakli Trial Documents

hiding Robert Zachariasiewicz from the jury SECRETLY

Robert Zachariasiewicz was the SOD agent in charge of constructing a case against Richard Chichakli, he did that by falsifying events, and inventing a so-called evidence. The United State government filed a SECRET MEMO to prevent the defendand from questioning the case agent. Of ccourse William Pauly, a corrupt judge immediately addproved it. Read the facts

  • My life was destroyed in 2005 beyond the so-called "US Constitution" No indictment, NO proven Fact, No court, No previous Notice, and NO CHANCE TO ANSWER any question. I was ordered dead in an extrajudicial political persecution. The alleged cases of violating the law, ALL FAILED, where the federal grand jury in three different states refused to accept the unproven false government allegation against Richard Chichakli. Read the lies of the US governmet which were rejected by the federal grand jury in Texas, Virginia, and DCcase No. DA03TR05DC0005

U.S. Supreme Court Richard Chichakli v. The United States of America

This is the appeal of the Second Circuit decision in United States v, Richard Chichakli, Case 09-Cri-1002 (WHP), of course the supreme court did not want to open Pandora Box

Richard Chichakli v. Preet Bharara United States Attorney SDNY

The only way to deal with Preet Bharara the pretend American U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York is to sue him. It is possible to sue the prosecutor, see: Chichakli v. Bharara 15-Civ-4583, a case your Google will never find. Download it here

Bout Trial Documents

WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JUDGE SHIRA SCHEINDLINWell, I say she is a corrupt judge, and that is one thing I can show with evidence.  Sheindlin CONCEALED the criminal activities of Albert Dayan, the defense lawyer hired by Victor. Dayan intentionally and willfully committed numerous crimes including violating IEEPA, 50 U.S.C 1705, et seq, he also committed numerous acts of wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1343, and he conspiracies to commit money laundering and wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1959(h), and 1349. HOW? Dayan received $750,000 from Sergey Bout and Richard Chichakli while both were under sanctions, and arranged a scheme to receive the money from front persons, at the rate of $20,000 per week, sent to him by two grandmothers from Russia to the United States, Alpha-Bank to Chase Manhattan, so he get paid.  I INFORMED Judge Scheindlin, OFAC, Chase bank, and the US Attorney in SDNY of Dayan's crimes; WHAT THEY DID: They order the Bank to release the money in order to hush-up the arrangement made to sustain the conviction handed to Victor.   Here's a copy of my letter    Make no mistake, those who have PARTICIPATED, FACILITATED, and CONSPIRED TO CONCEALE the criminal activities in Bout's trial are a Federal Judge (Shira Scheindlin), the US Attorney (Preet Bharara), and the Nazi terrorists of the United States Treasury - OFAC. I was not surprised that William Pauley (so-called "Judge") after long thoughts and few phone calls, also decided to conceal the crime I reported. DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOT IT ..... READ IT IN OFFICIAL COURT RECORDS


THE POLITICS of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURTS!   ALL Americans are TOLD to BELIEVE that as a "democracy" the US Government is divided into three Independent branches!!! Children may believe that, but adults SHOULD READ how the United States Congress DEMANDED to "do whatever it takes" to get Bout convicted - Otherwise, a character like "Ed Royce" will look stupid repeating Douglas Farah delusions.  READ THIS DECLARATION BY YOUR U.S. CONGRESS. This makes China's court system a better resemblance of "justice".  This would likely explain the "Source" of the two phone calls that made Juddge Scheindlin change her opinion about the DEA-SOD criminal activities!!!


POLITICS or JUSTICE? The United States Federal Courts are no place for justice, Federal Courts - including plenty of the honor-less creatures, so-called "judges" are puppets placed there to execute orders . The word "Court" was always used to create a phantom cover of legal appearance over the crimes committed by those in power, the beneficiaries of the political process to maintain power and domination.  Victor Bout, so-called "The Merchant of Death" was but a small fish in a shark-infested sea.  So, the "Beneficiaries" which include the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, and France enlisted a creature named Johan Peleman to manufacture a "Sexy report" (as Peleman he called it) in 2000, of course using the United Nations as the initiator (See: S/2000/1225). He was told to draft that report in order to create Victor Bout WHY? the answer: to create a smoke-screen to cover the government criminals of ANGOLA GATE.  Bout transported $200,000 worth of arms to Angola according to Peleman's UN Report; thus earning the title "Merchant of Death"; HOWEVER, the worthless Peleman forgot to mention more $850,000,000 of illegal arms sold and transported to Angola by the GOVERNMENT ACTORS whom were CONVICTED in 2008 in Paris trials known as Angola Gate.  Compare $200K to nearly ONE BILLION.... Then let's talk about the "Merchant of Death" propaganda again!



The Corrupt US Justice Documents

  • Working for the United States Government?  Serving the United States Government as a soldier in the United States Army, a full-time employee of the United States Department of Justice, or serving OTHERWISE locally and abroad, I never thought that the government can do to a citizen the horrible things they done to me.  Thus; and considering that I cannot speak much about things... Perhaps I can pose some questions to you (if you dare to ask). Try this for a sample

  • Federal thieves and thugs North Texas case!  Here' See the full documents of the Tort case against the United States. This case moved from the US Court of Federal claims after the court ecided the matter as "Tort". The government admitted its failure to account for Richard assets. Cash, diamonds, and jewelry are stolen by the Federal Agents of the FBI, SOD, DEA, and OFAC on the day they raided Richard's businesses, and for as long as Richard's assets were blocked.   The theft by the officials, and agents of the United States government is documented in case No. 19-CV-372 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas

  • Victor Bout was convicted before trial in an arrangement between the prosecutor in the Southern District of New York - Preet Bharara, the Federal Court - Judge Shira Scheindlin, the DEA-SOD, and Albert Dayan - Victor's lawyer.  The deal was for Dayan to get his fee of $750,000 which was paid by an SDN (illegal money) and was frozen by Chase-bank after I reported the payment to the US Government-OFAC and FBI, the Court, and to Chase; in return Dayan will not challenge evidence nor bring the adverse opinion issued by Scheindlin against the DEA-SOD Case Agent Zachariazeiwicz for falsifying evidence; and the Court, Judge Scheinlin will sentence Victor to 25-years instead of life. The deal done through telephone conference WITHOUT RECORDS as I revealed during my trial and the following Court Transcriptions reveal. Justice......not a chance, just "arrangement between the Court and the government" as called by Federal Judge William Pauley

  • Federal Agents of thieves and thugs!  Here's the documents that shows how cash, diamonds, and jewelry are stolen by the Federal Agents of the FBI, SOD, DEA, and OFAC on the day they raided Richard's businesses, and for as long as Richard's assets were blocked.   The theft by the officials, and agents of the United States government is documented in case No. 18-CV-978-EDK in the United States Court of Federal Claims


Richard's Qualifications


Here are more details, US Courts, and Government agencies' documents. 

The FACTS cannot be denied

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