Background, the alleged Samar Airlines Case

Chichakli was convicted on an alleged conspiracy to violate the "International Emergency Power Act"; sounds strange?  It is so, see the details ...

Corrupt Federal Courts and Judges

are used to legitimize "Political Prosecution"; The US Federal Court described the government  case against Chichakli as political prosecution, see the details ...

Chichakli-Bout intertwined relation

tales the false media and false experts wants you to believe. The United Nations Security Council finally cleared the meth, see the details ...

This website is a documentary, less talk and no personal input.  I provide here Court's transcripts, Courts communications, letters and records from government agencies and various U.S. law enforcement apparatus.  



The relation of Viktor Bout to the United States government, was among the questions that were frequently raised.  Was Viktor Bout working for the United States government?

Richard Chichakli acknowledges that he met Viktor in July 1995, at the time Chichakli was working for the government of the United Arab Emirates to create the "Free Economic Zone" in the State of Sharjah-UAE during the period 1995-1996.  The U.S. government is surely aware of Chichakli-Bout relation which was the head-line of the United Nations Security Council report S/2000/1225; thus, if Viktor constituted such "danger", what caused the United States government to wait for 13-years, until 2008, to make-up the alleged case against Bout; and then to go after Chichakli in 2009? (Download the complete S/2000/1225 from the UN website)

Almost everybody know by now that it was Viktor Bout who helped the United states, through his relation with Maksoud and General Dustum, to recruit the "Northern Alliance" in Afghanistan. This document is just an example.

Documents like "this one" also proves that Air Zory; the alleged Chichakli's airlines sanctioned in 2005 by the U.S. Government, was solely "running Soviet-made arms for the US Government". 

Perhaps the decision of Chichakli and Bout to "start talking", as seen in this video; perhaps, it has something that caused the United States government to make sure they stay silent.









AVAILABLE IN this website

Documents from the trial of Richard Chichakli

Here I present documents from the Court records evidencing the corruption of the United States justice system, the political corruption of the bench judges, and the Court-supported fraud used to get conviction against anyone who dare to oppose the government.  These records are IRREFUTABLE, they are the records of the United states District Court, The United States Court of Appeals, and he Supreme Court of the United States... 

It is my opinion that some of the Courts in the United States are worse than whatever you may have heard about the old Soviet Union, China, and, etc....   The judges are worried about how to please the authorities, and perhaps their possible promotion,  more than the lives they are throwing in prisons for eternity.   False witnesses, criminal officials, and police that tells lies for living are the common denominator in a federal district Court.  If you get there you shall be convicted regardless of guilt.

Documents Related to the "arranged" trial of Viktor Bout

Agencies of the United States government will do whatever it takes to cover-up its wrongdoing, corruption, and miscarriage of justice.   The matter of Viktor Bout is a false media, a hype that was created on the heals of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 to purposely implicate Russia in the 9/11 matter. There are things I can, and shall expose here ... and of course, there are things I cannot talk about. This is a copy of my old Security Clearance, so you do the math.

Viktor's choice of lawyer for his trial, which was Albert Dayan, was the wrong choice.  Dayan, had an arrangement with he prosecutor, the Court, and OFAC which resulted in Viktor getting a sentence of 25 years, Dayan gets the $750,000 of diry money he received from a "sanctioned Person in violation of IEEPA, etc.", and the prosecutor gets to hide the Courts adverse opinion against the case agent Zachariasiewicz, and the suppressed evidence.  All happy, except for a quarter of century to Viktor Bout.  What I know that... I hired Dayan, paid, and met him in Moscow, and I reported the evidence to Judge Schiendlin, Chase bank, and OFAC

Documents from cases brought by Chichakli against the U.S.

Chichakli brought several lawsuits against the president of the United States, various cabinet Secretaries, and against Departments and employees of the United States.  These cases detail the various violations committed by the United States governments against Richard Chichakli in retaliation.  Richard's letter to the Royal Thai Court was among, if not the main factors that caused the Court to reject th United States request to extradite Viktor Bout. 

These cases are real, and they are ongoing despite the pressure the U.S. political machine is exhorting over the Court.  Richard Chichakli is the only federal prisoner to have won a decision in the United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit against a setting President of th United States.  See: Richard Chichakli V. Barack Obama, 14-5310

Richard's Qualifications


Here are more details, US Courts, and Government agencies' documents. 

The FACTS cannot be denied

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