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Related records from the trial of Viktor Bout

The United States government alleged that the evidence upon which the conviction of Richard Chichakli is based, were obtained from e laptop found with Viktor Bout in Thailand in 2008. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin issued an adverse opinion against case agent Robert Zachariasiewicz of the DEA-SOD because he lied to he Court, as well she suppressed the evidence.   The next day, Judge Scheindlin received two phone calls which seem to have HELPED HER TO CHANGE her opinion; thus, she removed the adverse opinion - without any motion, the next day after receiving two mysterious phone calls for which NO COURT RECORDS were created!!!

These same falsified evidence were used to invent the case against Richard Chichakli. THUS, I am providing here a copy of the adverse opinion against Zachariasiewicz, and from the trial of Richard Chichakli, the statement made by judge William Pauley III in connection with this smatter.

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